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The fashionista on a budget

How Much fun are your pants!

Im back, finally felt inspired to talk about fashion. to be honest i promised myself that this blog was strictly going to be fun and my outlet to share with people things i'm interested in, once i got bored or uninspired i would stop posting anything. So i did and today i finally felt like maybe it was time for me to get back to something i love.

This Summer denim and trousers have been so much fun to experiment with, subtlety is out the door and in are prints are bright colors, but with that i also feel the sense of classy has gone out the window. Do not get me wrong i love how much color and prints are playing into our personal style. The styles are chose are things that work for my personal style and how far i can venture into the wild side. Enjoy and i'm so happy to be back!

Work It

many of us have daytime jobs, that become a nightmare to find work appropriate clothing for summer. i think the key is to use a lot of pastels and neutrals, i try to make it as fun an inventive as i can but still looking professional.

Shoe Porn

when it comes to shoes comfort is my main priority and besides simplicity. the first time i saw this shoes in the S2011RTW, i just fell in love, the color is perfection and they are so simple but with so much character. they come in other colors but my favorite is the green. i think every women needs a pair of strappy sandals like this. what do you think?

Mens Summer Casual

i like to see a man that is fashionable.The last few years mens fashion have been evolving and i really like the meticulous way in which clothe and personal style are being represented by men. i believe you can tell a lot by what a man is wearing, and their grooming habits.

A very special Day

i wish everyone an amazing and safe 4th of july and if anyone is Canadian i wish you a bless Canada Day. this weekend i will be doing all the usual 4th of July weekend festivities. i have put together an outfit that i will most likely wear for the hot summer in BBQ's.


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